Pressure Washing

slide3Pressure washing can bring “new life” to the surfaces around your home that accrue dirt, dust, pollen, mold, algae, and any other unsightly debris that can leave your home looking less desirable than it should.

We offer pressure washing for the following areas:

• Driveways and sidewalks
• Decks and patios
• Brick and stone
• Garage floors
• Play sets
• Fences
• Low-pressure house wash

When pressure washing your driveway, sidewalk, and patio, we use moderate pressure to remove any dirt, algae, leaf spots, etc. We are very cautious with the water pressure that we use on your concrete surfaces. When washing concrete we use strictly water and pressure for the cleaning – no chemicals.

We clean many different types of decks made out of many different products. Decks can be painted, treated, stained, or bare wood. If your deck is treated in any way, we use a very non-abrasive method for cleaning.

For treated wood surfaces we spray an outdoor deck cleaning product, let sit, and then rinse with very low pressure. We will repeat this process if necessary. This will remove any dark dirt stains, mildew, stains, etc, without removing your paint or stained surface.

For untreated wood surfaces we spray a bio-degradable wood cleaner, scrub the product in, and then rinse the deck with low pressure. The wood cleaner helps to remove penetrated stains and also bring a brilliant glow out of your wood.

When pressure washing your home we use a 5 step process:

1. We move your outdoor furniture, umbrellas, cushions, etc to a safe area.
2. We wet and rinse your home from the gutters to the ground to remove the surface dirt.
3. We apply a chemical wash with extremely low pressure from the gutters to the ground on the painted surfaces and allow it to sit.
4. We rinse thoroughly with extremely low pressure to remove all of the dirt, mold, mildew, and chemical wash from your home leaving you with a very clean look!
5. We put all of your furniture, floor mats, umbrellas, cushions, etc back where they belong.

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